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Your server room is the heartbeat of your business. At Environmental Data Specialties (EDS), it is our job to ensure that your thermal management system is functioning at its peak, without interruption. Our services will provide proactive protection to your critical equipment to maintain operational excellence for your enterprise. Our Liebert Certified team is equipped to keep every component of your cooling system functioning at its best, to maintain optimal temperature balance all year round.


Thermal management systems are a critical company asset. EDS can protect your investment with regularly scheduled maintenance through our maintenance contracts. We will assist you in choosing the optimal scheduling from quarterly, semi-annual or annual.


Our periodic performance evaluations give a clear picture of the health of your system and can intercept changes before they become problems. This increases energy efficiency and performance capability. Let our expertise protect and enhance your business assets.


Our EDS Team is Liebert certified and has over 15 years experience in the installation and start-up of Liebert Systems. You can count on us to take you through every step as we install, launch and maintain your thermal management system.


We know these systems like you know your business. We can help you design the ideal cooling system for your equipment’s specialized needs. We will walk you through the process and help you find the configuration that is right for your needs. When it is time for a change, we will help you choose a new system and keep your delicate equipment healthy until the change is complete.


When the unexpected happens, your equipment has no time to spare. EDS has a prompt response time for emergent events, and is equipped to get your system back up and running, saving your business time and money.


Our full-service contract leaves nothing to chance. From installation, to start-up, to performance evaluations, everything is covered under this agreement.

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